alliantgroup: Rhythm & Blues 5k, February 15th

Hi All-

Thanks to all of you who came out to run the first 5k of 2015 !! Our next race will be Saturday March 21st at Minute Maid Park where I hear a few members of Team Keegan are racing some of the gentlemen from the accounting department— I wouldn’t miss this! I hope to see you all there!

From left to right (back): Shane Frank, David Roberson, Ryan Blackmon,
Tyler Watt, Tuan Hoang, Fabian Vargas, Allison Majni, Britney Bradford, Dani Ducic,
Veronica Castillo
(middle): Cheyney Allen, Mindy Green, Aleesia Alonzo
(bottom): Danielle Alexander, Lauren Swenson, Crystal Mueller, Alana Beck,
Matthew Santana, Kristin Kabay

Left to right: Brandon Leonard, Ryan Summers, David Roberson,
Deedee Franklin, Dana Allen

Left to right: Tuan Hoang, Danielle Alexander, Kristin Kabay,
Patricia Butterfield, Fabian Vargas, Ryan Blackmon