alliantgroup Announces New Wellness Ambassador Program, Presents New Award

Empowering employees to share the wellness gospel.WELLNESS BADGE-Aerial Burley

Congratulations to our inaugural Wellness Ambassador Ariel Burley, Project Associate for the Implementation department.

alliantgroup’s new Wellness Ambassador Award is designed to acknowledge the team members who best embody our Strong in Mind, Strong in Body mantra, and will be given quarterly to a leader who not only stands out for commitment to their own health, but also by investing in the health and wellness of others. By taking an active role in guiding and leading others to adopt healthy behaviors, the Wellness Ambassador generates energy, passion and excitement among everyone they come in contact with to participate in wellness activities, classes, and events!

“Healthy behaviors are contagious,” said Kristin Kabay, alliantgroup’s in-house dietitian and Director of Health and Wellness, “and Ariel has consistently demonstrated the ability to encourage others to take part in our many wellness activities offered at alliantgroup.”

From downward dog on Wednesday night yoga to Saturday morning 5ks, Ariel’s routine participation and eagerness to try every new wellness offering makes her the perfect staffer to launch this role, according to Kristin.

“We can get so caught up with our work, and we often let the whole day go by before we let ourselves take a mental break,” said Ariel, calling her new role an honor. “The wellness program is a

Ariel Burley was named alliantgroup’s first-ever Wellness Ambassador.
Ariel Burley was named alliantgroup’s first-ever Wellness Ambassador.

great reminder of how important it is to get up and do something active. You’ll come back to your work more focused and feeling better!”

Read on to learn what alliantgroup’s first-time-ever Wellness Ambassador had to say about de-stressing, cravings, and why there’s always time to work out.

I do not make excuses. There’s always time. A five-minute workout four times a day is still 20 minutes of exercise.

You have attended practically every wellness activity. What is your favorite fitness class at alliantgroup?

I like them all! Taking fitness classes is my favorite way to exercise because I don’t have to plan out the workout, someone just tells me what to do. The classes at alliantgroup are always a great workout and stress reliever!! 

Why should others get involved in alliantgroup’s Health and Wellness Program?

There’s no good reason not to get involved. You will sleep better, you will be more proactive, you will feel more confident, you will feel less stress, and you will lose weight if you stay consistent. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be optimistic when your fat pants don’t fit. 

Have you always been active?

Somewhat. I have definitely gone through periods when I didn’t work out. That being said, when I am exercising and being active, I feel much better about myself and my entire wellbeing. The benefits of exercising and staying active are endless.  I am able to concentrate better and I feel more energized and rested. 

Do you have any health, wellness, or fitness goals for 2016?

My goal for 2016 is to do at least something every day, even if it’s only a quick 15-20-minute workout. Something is better than nothing, in my eyes. If I go to the store, I park farther away … the little things add up.

How do you motivate yourself on days when you are short on time or don’t feel like working out?

I do not make excuses. There’s always time. A five-minute workout four times a day is still 20 minutes of exercise.

Once you start doing something active a couple of days a week, you start to the feel the benefits and that makes you want to do it more. The more active I am, the more I actually enjoy exercising. When I don’t work out for a week, I am less likely to want to go to the gym.

Do you have a favorite exercise at the gym?

I typically use my own body weight as resistance, which can be anything from pushups to jump lunges, planks, mountain climbers—stuff anyone can do anywhere.

 What do you do to relax and de-stress?

Exercising usually cures whatever is stressing me out, and it helps me think more logically.  I can take a step back and look at the situation as a whole.

I also find that cleaning, organizing, getting crafty, meditating, doing yoga, hanging out with friends, and reading help me relax. Also, wine is fine.

What are your favorite healthy foods or snacks?

Unsalted nuts (sea salted if I am craving something a little salty), Kind bars, Unsalted peanut butter pretzels, fruit, carrots, dark chocolate, sea salt popcorn, and green tea.

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