Working at alliantgroup: alliantgroup Culinary Event – Houston, TX

Considering the demands of the modern workplace and today’s busy 24/7 schedules, it can be hard for a career-oriented professional to find the time to make that healthy homemade meal. According to statistics from the Commerce Department, sales at restaurants and bars overtook spending at grocery stores last year, which is a trend that could have major repercussions when it comes to our health.

As you might expect, a homemade meal is generally on average a much healthier option than eating out — it’s just that many workers struggle to find the time to make that meal, prizing convenience the most when juggling their careers and personal lives.

That’s why at alliantgroup, our Health and Wellness program emphasizes the importance of balancing work with a healthy lifestyle. On Thursday, August 4th, alliantgroup hosted its first culinary event for its Blue a Elite employees. The event provides the firm’s top performers with the culinary skills to make quick, easy, and (most importantly) healthy homemade meals. The class also instructs how to review for the best ingredients, ensuring that our elite performers are making the best decisions when it comes to their health.

Here is a video from our first culinary adventure:

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