Bring Your Child to Work Day at alliantgroup

Bring Your Child to Work Day at alliantgroup, alliantgroup Houston Info

December is always an exciting time at alliantgroup, with many activities taking place to get everyone into the holiday spirit. We started the month with events like our Annual Holiday Party, Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, Star Wars Rogue One Day, our annual Holiday Pod Decorating Contest and finished the month strong with our very first Bring Your Child to Work Day.

We had over 30 kids (ranging from the ages of six months to 16 years old) walk up and down the halls of alliantgroup with their parents, taking in all the pod decorations and holiday cheer. It was a fun-filled event consisting of a Pizza Party, a Show and Tell where the kids articulated what Mom or Dad did at alliantgroup, and a game room full of PlayStations, Xbox Ones, arts, crafts and ping pong tables. The children topped it off with a stop at our “Create Your Own Sundae” station.

After the kids enjoyed a visit to alliantgroup’s world-class gym to work off some of those calories, they got back to work as judges for our Pod Decorating Contest. They made their way through 28 pods (on 5 decorative floors), critiquing and enjoying all of the games and goodies that the teams had prepared for their judgment.

As a father of two, I often kiss my kids on the head as I head out the door knowing full well that they are wondering what I do at work and who I spend my day with while on the job.

Last Friday gave them a glimpse into the magic that happens inside the walls at alliantgroup. My kids got to see the magic of the season as our halls were transformed into a Winter Wonderland—AND they got to see the amazing and talented professionals that I get to work with day in and day out. Now the only question that I get from them is “when can we go back?!”

What a day to see all of the families at alliantgroup get together to celebrate each other and the season! The day was awesome for the adults and children! I’m glad I got to be part of it!

Matt Noll, Senior Director
Bring your child to work day was the “best day ever” according to my two boys. They got to experience first-hand the energy and passion that we see on a daily basis. The collaboration and creativity throughout the office was impressive and really got kids of all ages involved. My children are still talking about what a great day they had and both want to come back as soon as possible.
Kandace Spivey
“My daughter and I had an absolute blast on Bring Your Child to Work Day! The opportunity to share our day to day adventures at alliantgroup, as well as have fun and embody the holiday spirit, was amazing. I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that supports us not only as working individuals, but as a family!”
Tara Johnson
It was great to see how welcoming everyone was of the kids. I truly had an amazing time. My son talked about it all weekend and is wondering when he will get to come back!
James Simmons
Zoey so enjoyed ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’. I love that my employer created a super fun day to share my job with my daughter.
She can’t wait to return to alliantgroup, LP with mommy. You definitely created one raving fan in this 5-year-old.
Rosalind Lewis
“It meant so much to me to be able to bring my 14 month old daughter Caylee to visit my workplace and meet my work family. It was such a joy to see her walking around the halls of alliantgroup and light up at the people and the holiday pod decorations as she made her way around each floor. I am thankful to work at a company that appreciates the value of family and I look forward to bringing her again in the future!”
Lauren Soliz
I would like to thank you guys for the recent “bring your kids to work” day event. My two sons had an absolute blast!! They were talking about how much fun they had the entire way home, and could not wait to tell my wife all about it. I was really impressed, and a little touched, by the level of effort everybody put forth to give them a really cool memory. Plus, now they’re kind of impressed with me knowing that I go to such a cool place to work.
Jeremy Lawson