The Power of Positivity

Taylor Combes

Both positivity and negativity are contagious. Positivity is “the practice of being, or tendency to be, positive or optimistic in attitude.” Having a positive character can be defined as accepting the world as it is, looking for the silver lining when unfortunate things happen and spreading messages of hope to others. alliantgroup strives to create a positive work environment so employees can be a part of a culture of positivity.

Spending time with positive people is not only enjoyable, but can also enhance our overall well-being. If the company we keep consists of people who exude positivity, we are more likely to experience a boost in both physical and mental health. On the other hand, surrounding ourselves with negative tendencies may potentially shorten our lifespan and have serious impacts on our health. For example, studies of the “Blue Zones” – populations who exemplify the power of positive thinking and spending time with uplifting people – have the highest average life expectancy in the world. alliantgroup encourages its employees to be active, and to invest in their own positivity so they can can exude energy and passion in their work!

Here are some benefits of positivity that alliantgroup promotes at its offices:

  1. Increases Longevity
  2. Protection Against Chronic Stress
  3. Increases Happiness
  4. Reduces Risk of Anxiety Disorders
  5. Contributes to Greater Meaning of Life
  6. Increases our Connection to Others
  7. Reinforces Healthy Habits

Employees at alliantgroup also focus on positivity exercises in order to generate a healthy lifestyle. Here are some examples:

  1. Identify negative self-talk. Pay attention to areas you usually think negatively about and then focus on one at a time to approach in a more positive way – blaming yourself, anticipating the worst, seeing things in only black/white or good/bad, etc.
  2. Repeat positive affirmations. Keep positive quotes in sight that you can refer back to throughout the day. Your desk is a great choice! “I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.”
  3. Keep a gratitude journal. The practice of gratitude involves a focus on the present moment and appreciating your life as it is today. Take a few minutes each day to jot down things and/or people that make you feel happy and appreciative.
  4. Incorporate body positivity practices. Rather than focusing on where you want to be, acknowledge the things your body can already do – the ability to exercise, come to work, engage with others, eat a nutritious meal, etc.
  5. Carve out time for fun and relaxation. Make time for calming and stress-relieving activities. Seek out humor in everyday life and give yourself permission to take breaks.
  6. Be mindful. Practice mindfulness and mini-meditations. Focusing on the here and now can be less overwhelming than the ever-changing day to day.
  7. Help others and volunteer. One of the best ways to spread positivity is to benefit the lives of others. Helping others can boost your mood and make you feel connected, grateful and proud.