STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Catherine Kauber

Hometown: Pleasantville, NY
Major: Chemical Engineering
University: California Institute of Technology

Our STEM scholarship winner, Catherine Kauber can trace back her passion for STEM to when she was in the seventh grade. She remembers a particular project that her science teacher gave her class that truly inspired her. This project was called the “leaf project”, and for this assignment she and her classmates searched for different types of trees in their hometown. After completing this project, Catherine realized how STEM truly encompasses everything, and it helped her appreciate the intricacies of nature. It also influenced her decision to continue to use STEM to understand the complexities around us and to major in Chemical Engineering.

Fun Fact: Catherine has a fraternal twin sister!

This young lady is also very innovative! She developed her own research project and wrote an essay about the purification of anti-alpha tubulin monoclonal antibodies. In addition, she is currently working on research that will be included in an article for the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research.

On top of her passion and love of STEM, Catherine is also an avid soccer player and was the Varsity Captain of her high school soccer team! She was also selected to be a part of the U. S. Soccer Development Academy.  During her high school soccer career, she had the amazing opportunity to play in a soccer tournament in Spain. Her team reached the quarterfinals out of 64 teams!