STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Sabrina Luo

Hometown: Cypress, CA
Major: Civil Engineering
University: Cypress College

Sabrina Luo, comes from a family of STEM professionals. Her father is a software engineer and her mom is an electrician. With that familial foundation, Sabrina is looking to extend a STEM legacy and as a recipient of our STEM scholarship, we hope to help her do that.

Make no mistake, however, Sabrina is carving her own path. Her dream is to be a civil engineer and in particular a structural engineer.

“In my dreams I am designing buildings, roads, and bridges. Millions of people will be traveling across my designs.”

Sabrina is not just interested in using her talents to pursue her own dreams but also to help the world around her. In her AP government class, Sabrina’s civil action project was a campaign to reduce the amount of plastic waste that was produced in her school cafeteria. She is also Secretary of the UNICEF Club and Historian of her schools service organization, Key Club. Her volunteer work is extensive having helped at the Child Abuse and Prevention Center, the Saint Ireanaeus Hope Food Drive and as a tutor at Cypress Library among a laundry list of service work.

Kevin Dwyer, Sabrina’s AP Physics and Engineering Professor glowingly recommended her for our scholarship and had this to say about her:

“What set Sabrina apart from other AP/Honors students is her curiosity, her desire to learn, her willingness to take on challenges and to take advantage of as many educational opportunities as she can… This is driven by her curiosity and desire to understand the universe around her… She came with me to the WTS Girls Engineering Day last year and enjoyed learning about numerous fields of engineering and seeing how engineers approach problem solving. I believe it helped her see how her math and science talent can lead to a great career.”