Elementary Science Teacher Award Spotlight: Shawn Flores

School: Bruce ES

Years Teaching: 19 years/3 years in classroom

What keeps Mr. Flores motivated every day is helping others, teachers, students, and just about anyone that chooses to listen to him! This mentality has helped him realized how much he enjoys teaching.  He mentions that he owns a shirt with an inspirational quote that says, “Some people only dream of meeting their favorite scientist. I teach mine.” He says that he lives by that phrase one hundred percent, and that it keeps him wanting to do more for his students every day.

Fun Fact:  He started working at Houston ISD in 2015 at the Outdoor Education Center.  Fifth graders from Houston ISD schools would come to the Outdoor Education Center (OEC) to learn about Science and Texas History.  Working at the OEC led him to teaching science at Bruce ES!

Mr. Flores mentions that it is an absolute honor to be selected as one of the finalists for this award. He loves teaching young minds to explore and work through science and the scientific process to get the answers. He appreciates all the support the elementary science curriculum department has given him and he is very thankful that alliantgroup and Houston ISD have created this program to celebrate hard working science teachers.

Some advice Mr. Flores has for teachers so they can continue to spark an interest in STEM in their students is to remember that students love to explore! Show them a bug and few might scream, but then they will begin making observations and notice that it has an antenna and six legs.  Elementary aged students have curious minds and always want to know more. Therefore, his suggestion is to provide opportunities to create inquiries by providing hands on activities with all subjects including reading and math.   

Mr. Flores is one of the six Houston Independent School District (HISD) teacher finalists of the 2020 alliantgroup HISD Elementary Science Teacher Award! This award was created to reward local teachers who, through innovative lesson plans that emphasize both the importance and fun aspects of science, are increasing student achievement and engagement.

Five of the finalists will receive a cash prize of $1,300 and $500 for their classroom and the grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $3,500 and $500 to put toward improving their classroom! Good luck!