STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Elisabeth Reilly

Hometown: Hebron, KY

Major: Biology

University: University of Louisville

Our scholarship winner Elise has been surrounded by STEM for as long as she can remember! Her grandpa has a PhD in biology, her grandma is a registered nurse and cytotechnologist, her dad works in I.T.; so, STEM has always been present in family gatherings. Some vivid memories from Elise’s childhood include weekends and summers with her family spent at the aquarium, zoo, and science museums. So even on her days off, her memories were filled with STEM!

Fun Fact: Elise loves adventure! She has been to 22 national parks, monuments, and memorials and her goal is to one day visit all 61 national parks in the US!

A person that has been an inspiration for Elise for a very long time is her family doctor, Dr. Gina Grove. Elise remembers having interesting conversations with Dr. Grove about the medical field at a young age and since then, she has been inspired by her and has been interested in becoming a doctor. This fall, Elise will be attending the University of Louisville to study biology. After undergrad, she hopes to go to medical school so she can become a pediatrician.

Elise’s message for a young person interested in pursuing a career in STEM is that people working in STEM have the ability to make a huge difference in the community. Although a degree in STEM requires hard work and dedication, at the end, the payoff will be worth it and you will have an incredible feeling of accomplishment!