STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Kendal Schreder

Hometown: Temperance, MI

Major: Biomedical Engineering

University: Purdue University

Since Kendal was very young, she always knew that she had a deep passion and love for science. Some of her most vivid memories from elementary school were doing science experiments in class, such as when her fist grade class raised butterflies and released them, or when her fourth grade class made ice cream by shaking up milk in a bag of ice and salt. Kendal believes that it is fun to learn how and why the world works the way it does and what causes it.

Kendal has known for many years that she would like to go into a science related field because of how inquisitive she has always been on the subject. Science is one of the few topics that keeps her engaged enough to want to keep learning about it and she thinks that is so important when deciding what career path to take.

Fun Fact: Kendal will become a member of a BIG 10 swim team! Which has been one of her goals ever since she started swimming competitively when she was seven. She is also very artistic and loves to draw!

This fall, Kendal will be attending Purdue University to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to work in a lab in the Pacific Northwest where she can work on the development of artificial human hearts or other prosthetics.

STEM has been at the heart of every technological advancement and a major driver of prosperity and opportunity within our country. Kendal feels excited about being part of the next generation of innovators. She believes that our country is known for developing innovators and she cannot wait to see what her generation will create next. She is counting down the days until she gets hands on experience and to the day when she will be creating new devices for the medical field to potentially save thousands of lives.