STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Blakeley Buckingham

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Applied Mathematics

University: Williams College

A moment that truly sparked Blakeley’s passion for STEM was when she “discovered” the symmetry of the nines times-table. Upon her recognition that the products of nine flip digits (27 and 72, 45 and 54, etc.), she became intrigued by mathematical patterns and the power of numbers. Since then, she has been a “proud math nerd” and avid STEM enthusiast!

In an age of rising innovation and scientific progress, Blakeley believe there is a dire need for greater female representation in STEM industries, therefore she hopes to serve as a role model for other girls who are passionate about math and science.

Fun Fact: Blakeley is the oldest of six siblings!

Blakeley is incredibly honored and thankful that alliantgroup chose her as a scholarship recipient, because now she will be able to continue her longtime goal of studying math and other STEM-based disciplines and hopes to be able to conduct research utilizing the principles of applied mathematics. Moreover, Blakeley believe that being an alliantgroup STEM Scholarship recipient indicates a responsibility to be a leader in the STEM community and hopes to serve as an inspiration for younger generations looking to explore their passion for STEM!

This fall, Blakeley will attend Williams College to continue to nurture her love of math by majoring in Applied Mathematics. After graduation, she hopes to work as a statistician or mathematical analyst, ideally collecting and evaluating data to determine the best solution for real-world issues like energy sustainability or wealth inequality.