STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Joe Wojcicki

Hometown: Western Springs, IL

Major: Aerospace Engineering

University: Purdue University

Since as long as Joe can remember, he has always had a fascination with mathematics, science and for solving problems. After taking his first physics class his junior year, he fell in love with the idea of math being applied to science. However, what really triggered his massive interest for aerospace engineering was the movie Interstellar. Although the movie mostly revolves around theoretical science, it really makes his brain ponder about the potential humans have in the future with the promotion of engineering and the groundbreaking discoveries that could be made about space exploration.

This fall, Joe will pursue his dream of studying Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University. He hopes that after graduation, he will be able to work for an aerospace company such as Boeing, SpaceX, or NASA, so one day he can impact our economy by creating new technologies that will enhance the life of everyday people.

Fun Fact: Joe was part of his high school’s gymnastics team!

Joe is so excited to be able to say that he will be part of the next generation of innovators! He is anxious to see how he will contribute to the world of innovation in the future and how it will influence the world. The opportunity of being able to collaborate with other innovators throughout his STEM career makes him proud. He is eager to work with other engineers and experience how collaboration can lead to amazing innovations. He knows he has a responsibility to accelerate society forward towards a better path.