STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Lainey Hale

Hometown: Hamilton, TX

Major: Biology   

University: Abilene Christian University

After taking her first biology class in high school, Lainey’s passion for STEM sparked! Since then, her interest for human sciences and the study of life continues to grow and she knows that she wants to embark on a biology journey that will make a solid contribution towards the world of discovery and innovation.

Lainey is from a small town and her community is grounded in agriculture, so she has always been aware of the connection between the world and biological sciences. She is aware that in order to make communities and states like hers function and prosper, scientific research must be able to meet the demand of the industries fueled by new innovations. This fall, Lainey will be attending Abilene Christian University to study Biology. After graduation, she hopes to be able to contribute in the advancements of scientific research in order to create a precise and safe environment for the production processes necessary for today’s agricultural economy. 

Fun Fact: Lainey was cheerleader and graduated valedictorian! She also grew out her hair out three times so she could donate it to an organization for children suffering from hair loss due to various conditions and diseases.

Lainey feels very blessed to have the mind of an innovator and of a creative thinker. It is extremely exciting for her to think that she can contribute to the future and believes it is inspiring to be a part of something larger than herself. 

The advice Lainey has for younger generations of students interested in pursuing a career in STEM, is to remember that STEM is such a vast field with many different opportunities. Not only is STEM limitless, but it is also incredibly interesting. Innovation and scientific research is ever-changing and growing, so it is up to you, the upcoming generation, to drive the future of STEM!