STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Noble Nwankwo

Hometown: Mason, OH

Major: Mechanical and Civil Engineering

University: Ohio State University

Noble’s first encounters with STEM came from his parents! Both of Noble’s parents are civil engineers, who started a general contracting company in Cincinnati, Ohio. His fondest and earliest memory with STEM was when he was about five years old. One day after school, he and his brother went to their parent’s office to visit, and while they were waiting for their parents to finish up with work, Noble looked out the window and saw his first construction site! His mother explained to him that their company was working on the Fountain Square Revitalization Project and the project was almost done. Since that day at his parent’s office, his interest in construction sparked! About a year later at the grand opening of the Fountain Square he knew that a career in construction was his destiny. He remembers seeing hundreds of people coming out to visit the newly renovated Fountain. All those smiling and excited faces painted the streets during the ceremony, and it was at that moment that Noble realized how special construction can be.

This fall, Noble will be attending Ohio State University to study Mechanical and Civil engineering because just like his parents, he also wants to bring happiness to others, while building a tangible legacy.

Fun Fact: Noble has a twin brother and he went to school in Nigeria in the 7th grade!

The advice that Noble has for young students who are thinking about studying a STEM career is to remember that careers involving STEM are the careers that advance society. Whether it be creating a cure for cancer or starting a colony on mars, people in STEM related fields will be the ones getting it done.

Noble feels excited to know that he has the opportunity to help advance society, while also doing something that he is truly passionate about. He hopes that through his career in STEM, he will have the opportunity to make a difference in the world and hopes to inspire younger generation to have a passion for STEM.