STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Paige Thompson

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Major: Biochemistry

University: College of Saint Benedict

Paige has always loved science! However, she first fell in love with biology in middle school when she started learning more about how living creatures functioned and was truly fascinated on how the human body works. Since then, her interest in science ignited! Later on, her junior year she had her first full on chemistry class and that is when she realized that she really loved both, biology and chemistry equally. So, what better than choosing a major in college that will give her the best of both worlds, which is why Paige wants to major in Biochemistry!

As humans, we are constantly adapting and planning our lives, but physical and mental health issues can quickly change the course of our lives. Everyday hundreds of thousands of people are making medical advancements to improve the imperfections of the human body; however, there are still an infinite number of illnesses to cure. That is why this fall, Paige will be attending the College of Saint Benedict to study Biochemistry, so that one day she can become a biochemist that can help improve the lives of other humans around the world.

Fun Fact: Paige loves to draw! It’s kind of a secret talent that only her family and close friends know how good she is at it.

Some words of advice that Paige has for the younger generations of students who are wondering if they should pursue a career in STEM, is to view STEM careers like your glue and the world as your art project. If you think about it, your project will fall apart if there is no glue holding it together. If it wasn’t for science, there would be no medicines available to heal diseases, or vaccines to prevent them, or even AC to keep your house warm or cold or no TV to watch your favorite shows! Pursuing a degree in STEM will make YOU the glue to your art project and you will be a part of keeping the world a healthy and safer place.