STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Patrick Donahoe

Hometown: Batavia, IL

Major: Chemical Engineering   

University: Ohio State University

Patrick has always had a love for helping others, which is why his goal is to study chemical engineering, so one day he can work towards the development of new pharmaceuticals that could be used to treat diseases whose cures have yet to be discovered, like COVID-19. Making a discovery like this could help bring relief to those affected by disease and for their family and could impact so many people around the world.

The person who inspired him to choose this career path was his two-year-old cousin who suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease. This disease causes the patients to have a protein deficiency, which affects the production of collagen that consequently makes bones fragile and can cause bone deformities. Patrick hopes to create a medicine that can supplement the natural development of collagen so it can allow for the afflicted to strengthen their bones.

Fun Fact: Patrick is very proud to have served as the Executive Officer for his JROTC Company, where he attained the rank of Cadet First Lieutenant.

Patrick is excited to be part of the next generation of innovators that will be able to make a difference in our community. After graduating from Ohio State University, he hopes to work in lab where he will be able to develop new medications that will alleviate the stress that patients and their families feel when they are diagnosed with a rare disease. Patrick encourages young students to have an interest in STEM, because it is an amazing field that is constantly changing and it can impact so many people in so many different ways.