STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Brad Case

Hometown: Lakeview, MI

Major: Marine Biology

University: Eckerd College

Brad grew up near the water, so he spent many summers swimming in the lake and observing how the ecosystem around him worked. However, it was not until he became scuba certified that he realized how much he loved the underwater world and knew that he wanted to learn more about the organisms that live in it and how to protect them. Since then, he has made it his mission to learn more about global warming and other factors that are hurting our planet, so one day he will be able to educate and inspire others to protect our planet and the all the creatures that live in it.

Later this month, Brad will be attending Eckerd College and majoring in Marine Biology. After graduation, he hopes to work with an environmental organization to study marine life or go into a field of a sustainability that deals with pollution and finding ways to reduce the negative impact humans are having on this Earth.

Fun Fact: Brad loves acting! He was part of the drama club at his high school and playing the leading role in their annual school play.

Brad’s advice for a young student that is interested in pursuing a degree in STEM is to keep your options open because there are so many wonderful and innovating careers that STEM covers, so there will always be job opportunities available in these fields. He also mentions that you should follow your dreams and do what you are passionate about because that is how you can find your inner peace.

Being the future of science and innovation makes Brad very excited. His goal in life is to be a part of something bigger than himself and make a difference in the world. For years, he has known that he wants to do something that could set him apart from others and hopes to be able to make impactful contributions to society that can positively affect our planet.