STEM Scholarship Spotlight: David Luna

Hometown: Maricopa, Arizona

Major: Cyber Security

University: University of Advancing Technology

David came into the world in the midst of post-9/11 warfare. His father was deployed in the military while his mom was pregnant with him. Therefore, his father missed a few of his first milestones because he was gone defending our country. However, this only made their bond stronger, and he is so proud of what his father has done for our country. These events have inspired David to make his father proud and help defend our country against cyber-attacks.

There are other people in David’s life that have inspired him to go into a STEM career. His mom has taken her payroll system at work and found ways to make it more efficient and work better for the company, even saving them some money. Two of his cousins are currently in college and are both pursuing STEM degrees and his grandpa learned and taught himself about computers back in the 70s, 80s when everything was still new, and unknown.

These family members motivate David to do great, innovating things with his life and career. He hopes to continue his family legacy of being a self-starter and innovator making this world a better place. 

Fun Fact: David loves playing video games!

David is excited to follow his passion and study Cyber Security at the University of Advancing Technology this fall semester. After graduation, he hopes to someday work for the FBI in a cyber-security division. Most importantly, he hopes to be able to defend our country against cyber-attacks and truly make a difference.