STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Felipe Dantas

 Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Biology

University: University of Texas at Austin

The moment when Felipe caught a passion for STEM was the night he was making a DNA project for his ninth grade biology class. As he used hundreds of PowerPoint shapes and animations to create a simple representation of the polynucleotide chains, which make up the molecular basis of our bodies, he thought more and more about how amazing it is that our bodies can seemingly coordinate so many tiny molecules to create the beauty that we call life. After this, his fascination for micro-biology started and made him realize that he wants to continue exploring the molecular interactions that compose every living being on earth.

Something else that Felipe is very passionate about, is giving back to the community. His greatest inspiration has always been his father, because he has always showed him and his family the importance of solidarity and compassion for others. Something that is always needed, especially during these difficult times we are going through. That is why Felipe is interested in pursuing a career public health, because it will give him a direct opportunity to make an impact in community and also nurture his love of STEM.

Fun Fact: Felipe was born in Brazil and moved to the US when he was five years old!

This August, Felipe will be attending the University of Texas to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology. After completing his undergraduate degree, he hopes to attend medical school so can become a research physician. He also hopes he will be able to inspire and mentor others and be able spark a light in them so they can help the community and serve others in need, the same way his father did for him.

The idea of knowing that he will have the opportunity to make a difference in the medical field makes Felipe feel fulfilled and excited for the future. It makes him feel like he is on course to go down in history for whatever improvements he is able to make to society. At the end of the day, that’s all anyone can wish for – the opportunity to make a name for themselves during their life. STEM is Felipe’s gateway to making a name for himself and moving society forward and for that reason, he is grateful to this field. All Felipe can hope for moving forwards is that his contributions to society be as efficient and impactful as possible. Whether they be advancing cancer research, inventing a new surgical technique, or starting a global health organization, he can assure you that he is excited to see what the future will bring.