STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Meg May

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL

Major: Building Science

University: Auburn University

Ever since Meg was young, she always had an eye for detail. However, it wasn’t until her family decided to build a new home that she realized how many details and precise measurements are needed to create a house. Looking at a set of blueprints fascinated Meg! The idea of putting an idea on paper and then bringing that project to life really intrigued her. From then on, Meg’s interest in pursuing a STEM-related major sparked.

Meg is so excited to be attending her dream university and studying Building Construction Management and Interior Design this fall semester. Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction ranks among the best in the nation and knowing that she got accepted to her number one choice university in the first wave of only 400 applicants accepted makes her very proud! 

Once she receives her degree in building science, she hopes to work for a company that specializes in building hospitals, schools or manufacturing design so she can help others live more comfortably and efficiently. 

Fun Fact: Meg pole vaulted for her high school track team for 3 years!

The greatest inspiration in Meg’s life has always been her parents. They have consistently pushed her to do things to the absolute best of her ability and they are her biggest supporters in every aspect of her life. Their accomplishments in the past and present are what have pushed Meg to be more and more like them. To see how happy and successful they are because of the initiative that they both took throughout their lives helps her see how hard work and determination can make a substantial difference in the direction of one’s life.

Meg feel so honored and excited to know that she has the opportunity to play a part in the revolution of technological advances that a STEM degree will bring forth. She is thrilled to know that she will have an impact on the innovation that will come out of the STEM field, and she could not be more grateful for the opportunity. Meg is eager to get started on her education this fall so she can see her hard work play out in a tangible way.