STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Sophia Darrow

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Major: Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology

University: Oklahoma State University

Growing up, Sophia always found math and science very interesting in school and she noticed that she was always excelling academically in those subjects. Her math and science classes always kept her continuously engaged and focused, but what triggered her passion for STEM, was when she first started learning about mitosis and meiosis. Lessons over genetics and heredity fascinated her and she has been fascinated with biology ever since.

Sophia likes to compare her feelings for science to the story of Alice in Wonderland. She feels intrigued about science, the same way Alice was drawn into the rabbit hole. The same way Alice was fascinated by everything she saw and experienced during her adventures in Wonderland, is the same way Sophia feels when she learns something new related to science. There is never enough for her to learn! She feels drawn into a wonderful world, in which theories are still being refined to meet newer standards with higher precision technology.

Fun Fact: Sophia lettered in varsity basketball, golf, and drama in high school. Additionally, two of her three sisters are also in the STEM field, including chemical engineering and forensics.

Later this month, Sophia will be attending Oklahoma State University where she will be able to pursue her dream of double majoring in in Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology and focusing on molecular genetics. After graduation, she hopes to go to medical school in order to pursue a career in surgery. She is excited to learn more about science and to innovate and make real change for others.

Sophia’s advice for younger students who are still trying to figure out what path to take, is to pursue something that you are truly passionate about. If you are wanting to impact the world and make progress that people will benefit from, the STEM field offers the perfect opportunity for that. The STEM field allows for many aptitudes, which creates a large community that are all connected and are open to innovation and new ideas.