STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Tova Cohn

Hometown: Pikesville, MD

Major: Biomedical Engineering

University: University of Maryland College Park

Tova’s passion for STEM started her sophomore year of high school when her school opened up a STEM Program. She really enjoyed taking the courses in this program because it introduced her to fascinating new topics related to the advancement of technology in everyday life. After getting this exposure, she realized that she was destined to pursue a degree in STEM and hopes to one day become a Biomedical Engineer.

What Tova finds so interesting about Biomedical Engineering is the fact that creating medical devices that are both affordable and accessible to the average consumer can help make medical diagnoses more precise, helps patients live more comfortably and it can also help boost the global economy.

Fun Fact: Tova is the oldest of five siblings and she loves music! Tova plays the piano and sings.

Tova has an interesting plan for the future. She is planning to take a year off from school to focus on her personal and religious journey and in the fall of 2021, she is planning to attend the University of Maryland College Park to follow her dream of becoming a Biomedical Engineer. After graduation, she hopes to work for a company that creates innovative medical devices that will be able to make the life of patients better.

Knowing that she will have an opportunity to make a difference in the world with her future STEM degree makes Tova feel very proud to be part of this growing industry. Having the potential to create something that can actually make someone’s life better, is priceless. All of the amazing new devices that are being invented are not so far off in her mind anymore, because Tova knows that she will be part of this movement, and she hopes to be able to invent amazing things soon. As this industry grows, medical technology will become better and more efficient, and that will certainly save many lives and improve society.