STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Kaelyn Kraley

Hometown: Parma Heights, Ohio

Major: Biomedical Engineering

University: University of Akron

The reason why Kaelyn was inspired to study a STEM related career was because of her brother! When Kaelyn was very young, her brother accidentally dislocated her shoulder and she was rushed to the hospital. It was there that her passion for STEM started because of the way the doctor fixed her arm. She was amazed and she immediately became interested in the human body and science. Since then, her passion has only grown.

Kaelyn is now following her dream of studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Akron. After graduation, Kaelyn hopes to one day have a job that involves working with either Tissue Engineering or Biomaterials, which are specific branches of Biomedical Engineering.

Fun Fact: Kaelyn’s favorite book is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Interestingly enough, Kaelyn’s brother is her greatest inspiration. She admires him because he is intelligent, successful in his career and he loves the profession that he has chosen. He has also shown Kaelyn that she can study and work hard while also having a little fun now. Despite his stressful job, he always has a sense of humor and makes others laugh. Kaelyn strives to succeed in STEM just like him and hopes to brightening up the lives of people around her.

Kaelyn is nervous, yet excited about making a difference with her STEM degree in the future. Not too long ago, she was just a kid playing with her science experiments and now she is in college with the goal of achieving a STEM degree. Nevertheless, it is exhilarating because she can finally go out into the real world and make a real difference for others. Kaelyn is very excited to discover and innovate amazing new devices that can change the world for the better.