STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Grant Price

Hometown: Vermilion, Ohio

Major: Mechanical Engineering

University: Clarkson University

Grant grew up around his family business, which is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company. Since he was a toddler, he remembers how fascinating it was to see all of the massive machines every time he would go with his dad to visit the family business. When he was young, he would play around and climb all over the equipment. Sometimes he would swing around on the cranes, or climb on top of a hydraulic press but he had no idea what any of this equipment was for. As time went by, he started to get more curious on how the machinery worked. However, it wasn’t until he became a part-time employee at the company, that he truly understood how the business works and the importance each piece of the equipment plays in every project.

Now that Grant has had the experience of working in the family business, he has a better understanding and has had the exposure to understand the many different aspects of the engineering design field. He knows that he has so much more to learn, but at least he knows for sure that engineering is the career path he wants to take.

Fun Fact: Grant played baseball all four years of high school and he is a Certified Black Diamond skier!

Currently, Grant is attending Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York and is planning to major in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, he hopes to get his MBA so he can bring some business experience to his mechanical engineering degree.  He hopes to one-day work for a company that will give him an opportunity to learn about machine design while working with great people.

Grant mentions that his father is the person that inspires him the most! Through the years, he has seen his father be innovative in order to grow the family business. His father transformed the family business from providing traditional equipment like hydraulic presses and conveyor systems, into providing exciting new options, such as wind turbines and electric car charging that ecologically and economically benefit the environment. Grant’s greatest dream is continue his family legacy of taking their family business to a new level of innovation, the same way his father did when he was growing up.