alliantgroup Hosts First Ever WINS Event to Bring Women In Sales Together

alliantgroup has repeatedly shown its dedication to empowering women. Our workforce is nearly 60 percent women and alliantgroup recently became the official sponsor of the Women Influencing National Sales (WINS) committee within the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce (GHWWC).

The GHWWC is a nonprofit business organization committed to advancing women through leadership, education, advocacy and mentoring. GHWWC provides opportunities for women to develop their leadership skills through educational workshops, engaging executive women to build relationships and share ideas, and by advocating for businesses with local, state and federal legislators. This includes offering opportunities to women and girls to develop and enhance leadership skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math, which strongly aligns with alliantgroup’s dedication to STEM education through its Blue Heart fund.

Suzan Deison, the CEO, President and Founder of GHWWC, remarked on the event: “alliantgroup is really leading the women’s chamber in sales. I don’t know of any other committee like this. When we talk to workforce CEOs and HR Departments, they talk about how hard it is to hire good sales people and the statistics show that woman outperform men.”

The newly established WINS committee is exclusively focused on advancing women in sales and the first event hosted by alliantgroup brought together nearly 200 women to network, share ideas, and discuss. The keynote speaker was Miranda Rohrbough, Business Development Manager at Challenger Sales. Rohrbough was excited to discuss methods and trends in sales, as well as the impact that women are having in the world of sales.

“There’s more to sales than asking good questions. They really need to be delivering insights that resonate with customers. What are you truly teaching the customer and how are you tailoring the process to them?”

The joint collaboration between alliantgroup and GHWWC will continue on a quarterly basis to bring sales women together to network, lead share, build relationships and learn from one another.