Finding Motivation to Move – alliantgroup Health and Wellness


With the variety of onsite fitness classes offered at alliantgroup, 2019 wellness goals are perfectly within reach! But there is a common struggle many of us face (myself included at times)…finding motivation to work out and make fitness part of our weekly routines. The idea that it takes 21 days of conscious choice and action to create a routine is very true, but using the strategies below can help make these first 3 weeks easier and more rewarding.

  1. Reward Yourself Tangibly

Although some people may be motivated by goals such as better health or weight loss, making the reward of working out more tangible may do the trick for others. Author Charles Duhigg of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, advises treating yourself to a yummy smoothie or an extra episode of Netflix following a fitness accomplishment. Having an extrinsic reward allows our brain to make the link that the behavior is worthwhile, and increases the likelihood of creating a positive habit.

  1. Make a Visible/Verbal Commitment

Although we can internally promise ourselves all day long that we will attend alliantgroup’s Barre class on Wednesday morning, research shows that we are more likely to follow through when we commit in front of our peers. Making a verbal commitment not only increases collaboration with others, but leads to fear of disappointment/embarrassment if we don’t work out as promised. Studies have proven that those who sign physical contracts, with witnesses, end up exercising more than those who don’t. So make a note on your calendar – include invitees for proof – and hold yourself accountable!

  1. Reframe Positive Thinking

Visualizing positive benefits of a behavior can be a motivational strategy in and of itself. For example, when deciding whether to sleep in or get up for alliantgroup Strength Training on Monday morning, imagine how accomplished and proud you will feel when new muscles start developing! In addition to visualizing the ideal outcome, you have to identify what is holding you back – sleep, fear, stress… After imagining the obstacle, make a plan to overcome it and accomplish your exercise goal.

  1. Find your Fitness Family

No amount of alliantgroup swag can actually impact your workout motivation. Although it may sound appealing to get “paid” to sweat, research shows that the number one inspiration is a strong and supportive community. Spending time with those who INVEST in their wellness, take OWNERSHIP of their health and show ENERGY AND PASSION in each and every fitness class are the family you want to surround yourself with!!! Laughter, words of encouragement, and creating new friendships are just added benefits to better health.

We love our movement breaks at alliantgroup ! Just another way we keep it STRONG IN MIND, STRONG IN BODY!!