STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Alberto Medrano

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Physics

University: Columbia University

One particular memory that sparked Alberto’s passion for STEM was when his mother gave him a book about space when he was young. What was special about the book was that it was very large and it was in Spanish, and it sparked what would be a life-long interest. He loved the book so much that eventually the front and back cover came loose from the binding, but he kept reading it every day until it totally fell apart. He believes that reading this book instilled his love for physics and astronomy!

This fall, Alberto will be attending Columbia University to study physics! After completing his undergraduate degree, he would like to further his education and focus on either astrophysics or nuclear physics. He hopes to one day become a university researcher and professor, so he can share with younger generations his passion for STEM.

Fun Fact: Alberto loves gardening! Ever since he got a lucky bamboo plant years ago, he developed a fascination with nourishing plants and seeing them bloom.

Alberto’s greatest inspiration is and always has been his mom. Ever since he was very young, she encouraged him to try his hardest so he could become the best version of himself. She has always made many sacrifices for him and his sisters so they could have better opportunities in life.

Something else that Alberto is very proud of has been being able to help raise his little sisters, Nathaly and Camila. They are ten and twelve years younger than he is, so he usually helps them with their homework and takes care of them when they come home from school and during the summer. He hopes that one day his little sisters will also share his love and passion for STEM!