STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Jake Arthurs

Hometown: Wheaton, IL

Major: Civil Engineering

University: Northwestern University

Many people in Jake’s family have inspired his desire to become an engineer. Since he was young, he has seen first-hand what it is like to be around hard working people in the construction industry who know how great it is to build something for the wellbeing of others. For starters, Jake’s grandfather came to America as a child and worked as a carpenter his entire life. Then, his mom has worked at a large construction company for the last twenty-five years and because of her career, Jake has spent a great deal of time with engineers and various tradesmen who design and construct buildings all over the country. Lastly, his cousin is a civil engineer who works for a very successful firm and manages innovative commercial projects and using cutting edge technology.

Fun Fact: Jake is also a passionate athlete and he will be playing football at Northwestern University this fall! Go Wildcats!

All three of these family members, and the experiences he has had through them, have lit a fire in Jake to pursue a career as an engineer. He knows that through engineering, he can have a positive impact on others, and can help make the world a better place, just as they have.

Jake’s passion for STEM is the driving force behind his current educational success as well as his goals for the future. Over the past several years, his growing passion for STEM has blossomed into a genuine love for math and science and a new basis of understanding for all subjects.