Barre-None: alliantgroup Uses Exercise to Help Stimulate Employees’ Mind and Body

alliantgroup is offering a unique way for its employees to both stay active and have fun. Company employees are now able to participate in barre, which in recent years has seen a spike in popularity. The group exercise class focuses on ballet-centric dance movements combined with yoga and pilates style positioning.

The Health & Wellness department at alliantgroup holds bi-weekly barre workouts for interested employees. The offering is part of the department’s efforts to promote a “Strong in Mind, Strong in Body” mindset, and is pitched to employees as a way to experience the techniques that make ballerinas the incredibly graceful athletes that they are.

The classes have been extremely popular, and have become a way for employees to work together to become stronger and healthier.

Barre is one of the few workouts where participants can impact both the strength and shape of their muscles. By lengthening muscles while they are strengthened, participants can develop stronger cores, better posture, and an overall sense of well-being. Although barre was originally developed for ballerinas, it requires a very minimal degree of coordination, just a desire to have fun and work up a sweat.
The classes are held in an alliantgroup conference room that can hold up to 50 people, so employees don’t need to register beforehand in order to attend.

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