STEM Scholarship Spotlight: Siddharth Krishnakumar

Hometown: Pearland, TX

Major: Electrical Engineering

University: Duke University

Siddharth’s interest in STEM was first triggered during middle school. Understanding mathematical concepts and solving problems came easy to him and he enjoyed making science fair posters and presenting to his class. Encouraged by his counselor, he decided to take accelerated math courses during the summer, which granted him his geometry and algebra II credits before entering high school. Therefore, he was equipped and ahead of his peers when it was time to start high school.

One of Siddharth’s greatest life achievements to date was winning the NASA RISE Award at the Houston Science Fair the summer before senior year. The best part of winning this award was that he got the opportunity to be an intern at Space Center Houston over the summer, a position typically only granted to college students. This was a great experience, as he was able to learn more about STEM education, get hands-on experience with STEM activities and work in a STEM community.

Fun Fact: Siddharth loves playing the Saxophone. He has been playing since my 7th grade! Also in 2015, Siddharth had the honor of representing Houston at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, where he was ranked fourth in the Nation!

This fall, Siddharth will attend Duke University to study Electrical Engineering and minor in business. He feels that having both degrees will give him the best platform to create and market the best technologies that will positively impact our society.  He also hopes to be able to contribute to new technologies in telemedicine, wearable diagnostics and robotics, which are expected to directly benefit consumers in all walks of life.

Siddharth’s words of advice for the younger generations thinking about pursuing a career in STEM is to remember that pursuing a STEM career should be about passion not fashion. If you find yourself liking the idea of solving problems in math and science and challenging yourself in these areas, the likelihood is that you will look forward to a STEM career, like he does. A STEM career offers great opportunities for one to be on the driver’s seat, making new technologies and innovations happen. A STEM career allows you to discover, research, and innovate by collaborating with team members from multiple disciplines.